If your pet is found to be carrying any parasites, including fleas, they will be treated to prevent the spread to other patients in the clinic, and you will be responsible for the additional cost. An exam will be performed by the veterinarian and you will be contacted to discuss an estimate/treatment plan
All patients 12 weeks and older must have an up-to-date rabies vaccine given within the past 12 months. Documentation from a licensed veterinarian is required prior to or at the time of admission. Patients who are not up-to-date will receive a rabies vaccine today as long as the veterinarian deems it safe.

I understand that if I cannot be reached at the phone numbers provided to discuss recommended treatments outside of the already authorized services/estimate, nothing else beyond a physical exam and those services requested will be done on my pet today. Any pets dropped off will not be ready for discharge until 5:00 pm unless told otherwise.