Our Pet Boarding Policy

Pick-up and drop-off hours are Monday through Friday from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm. Pets picked up after 5:00 pm will incur a boarding fee for the day. We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays observed by the clinic. Boarding fees are $20-25 per night.

We at Vidalia Veterinary Clinic pride ourselves with providing the best care for the heartbeat at your feet. We have established the following guidelines to ensure a healthy and happy environment for your pet(s) while they stay with us:

You must provide proof of vaccination from a veterinarian if your records are not already on file.


  1. Rabies: every 12 months
  2. DHPPV: every 12 months
  3. Bordetella: every 6 months
  4. Influenza: every 12 months


  1. Rabies: every 12 months
  2. FVRCP/FELV: every 12 months

-Any pet(s) found to have fleas or ticks will be treated to prevent the spread to other pets ($10-30).

-All pet(s) are provided with clean bedding, fresh water, food, and exercise multiple times daily. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. Please write daily feeding times used at home if desired.

-Please bring all medications or supplements your pet(s) may need while in our care. Should your pet run out of a medication there will be additional charges for refills and/or exams and treatments necessary to fill the prescription.
-We will feed Purina Pro Plan dog and cat food to any pet(s) that are not provided with special diets. Pets with dietary restrictions must be left with the correct food in a clearly labeled container.

If you request your pet(s) be examined or if he/she becomes ill while boarding with us; Dr. Sheppard will examine your pet(s) and administer treatment as necessary. We will contact you regarding any issues, concerns, or treatments. However, if we are unable to reach you, we will treat your pet to ensure they are not suffering.

Any pet(s) found to require additional or special handling (Aggressive or otherwise completely uncooperative) will incur additional charges.

I, the owner (duly authorized agent for the owner) do herby acknowledge that I have been shown and understand everything discussed here and agree to pay at the time of check-out for any and all charges incurred. I have also received a copy of this document for my own records.